Welcome to the world of Fawe.

Dual suns, harsh winters and unforgiving landscapes breed tough men, strong women and powerful beasts.



Elemental = Earth

The Firmalands range in landscape from forest and field to the Ochota mountain range, providing a natural barrier against invaders to the west. Farmlands are sprawled throughout the kingdom, interspersed with forests, lakes and unexplored wilderness to the north.

Thade is the largest city in the Firmalands and is home to the king, the Lavers' Lawmen and much of the kingdom's industry.


Elemental = Air

The Welkinpeaks are a range of floating mountains and valleys connected to the Firmalands by a massive pillar of stone called The Columns. The Welkinpeaks is home to many skyports where cloudcutters depart to hunt the elusive spurworms of the highskies.

Roda Codex is the largest city in the Welkinpeaks, located close to the entrance to The Columns.


Elemental = Fire

The Pyrelands is a harsh landscape of volcanoes, black sand and unpredictable geothermal activity. Small villages blanket the kingdom, connected by well-worn paths and constructed walkways over swamps and mud pits. Salt pans and tundras span its borders, making entering or leaving this kingdom built of fire a challenge.

Sember is the largest city in the Pyrelands and home to the Pyrekhan and his advisors.


The Brine

Elemental = Water

The Brine is a large expanse of water, home to the leviathans and basilisks of the deep. Trade ships travelling up and down the coastlines of the Firmalands have found travel increasingly difficult due to ever harsher weather conditions and beasts of the deep dragging men and cargo to the murky depths of The Brine.

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