A Dying Second Sun

Transport yourself to the world of Fawe, a harsh and beautiful landscape full of dark magic and deadly creatures.

In the kingdom of the Welkinpeaks, meet Abreeth, an expert spearman on a hunting boat. When an accident that should have killed him gives him new and unusual powers his life is turned upside down. After visiting a healer he returns to find his village in smoking ruins and everyone taken or missing. Something tells him the whispers of war will soon turn to a rumble. He didn't ask to be thrust into the middle of a conflict, but circumstance and bad luck would place him at the centre of an epic battle between two major kingdoms. Can a humble spearman truly make a difference when magic and mayhem beyond his control forces its way into his life?

In the kingdom of the Firmalands, meet Deadsun, the commander of the armies that protect the city of Thade and its surrounding lands against raiders from the Pyrelands. Whilst Deadsun and his men are hunting Pyrelanders causing trouble, he discovers a new explosive weapon and uncovers a plot by the pyrekhan to invade Thade, enslave the population and take over the kingdom. Will this new weapon prove to be the advantage the Pyrekhan needs to conquer the city and take the crown or will Deadsun be able to stop him?

In the kingdom of the Pyrelands, meet Nuri, a bookish young woman who’s a whizz with numbers. She also happens to be the pyrekhan's most trusted aide. The last thing she expected was to be sent into enemy territory to gather information about the city of Thade for the Pyrekhan's planned invasion. After crossing the border, her loyalty is tested, her values are challenged and she realises everything she’s been told about her enemies was wrong. Is it enough to make her turn against the khan, or will she do his bidding and help him destroy and enslave the populace of his enemies?

Epic in scale, fast-paced and full of action, A Dying Second Sun hurls a group of individuals together and asks:- How do you know what you’re made of until you’re tested? How do you know what you love until it’s threatened?


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